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Aug 06 2008

Home Again

So, I’m in CA for my brother’s wedding, which is now officially less than a week away.  Crazy crazy crazy.

My grandparents, aunt, other aunt and uncle and cousins will all be arriving tomorrow and Friday, and my mom is trying desperately to get the house to sparkle.  I seriously can’t think of a single person in my family for whom I would clean that much.  I think it’s because everyone already knows I’m messy, so who cares.

I’m also in the process of packing up some of the last of my things from home that will go to NY.  Mostly books.  Good thing Tiffany and I did not let Ikea break our spirits and we built that bookshelf.

In other news, I’m starting to miss all my PA friends a little bit, which is weird, since I should mostly associate them with lack of sleep, stress, frustration and bad food.   And even weirder, I’m starting to miss my kids.  They should be associated with all of the above + grading, more frustration, lesson planning and “it’s cold” complaints.  But what are you going to do.

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  1. Althea Brunskill

    You did look beautiful though, Kathryn! (Along with the bride, and Mom, and all other members of the wedding party!
    The wedding looks super-special.

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